Starter Websites

Why are you creating the site? Is it, for example, to generate sales leads, or sell products direct or build your corporate image? What's of primary importance?
Who are the target visitors? What is their profile (demographic, job function), how many of them are there, where are they located and how will you attract them?
When they arrive, how do you quickly gain their attention and encourage them to stay? How do you engage them?
What exactly do you want these visitors to do? Not just the obvious 'buy' or 'contact us'; what are the other (secondary or proxy) indicators of interest?
Who else (competitors & others) is targeting these visitors? What are they doing well? what is missing and how can you exploit the gaps?
What are the words and phrases the targeted visitors are searching for (keywords) and how can you attract traffic from these searches?
What is the best structure for the site? Which components are essential, which are desirable and what is optional?
Starter Websites

Start with the firm and flexible foundation of a dynamic website.

Be careful what you ask for because you're likely to get it.

A designer will provide elegant design. A code geek will serve up cool functions.

But will you get a Return on Investment?

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